• Developing good posture builds back strength now and reduces health risks later
  • Developing good posture as your child grows helps to prevent child from getting idiopathic scoliosis due to prolong incorrect habitual posture


2. How can I improve my child’s posture?

1) Correct their posture with demonstration of proper posture to them first.
2) Help them to start regular strengthening exercise targeting scapular stabilizer and back muscles to maintain in a proper posture easily.
3) Encourage your child to take frequent breaks from using computer screens or watching television to stretch tired muscles.


3. Tips of simple and effective Strengthening exercise


  • Tuck in chin exercise (deep neck flexors strengthening)


  • Wall Push Up

  • Snow Angel Exercise

4. How to do early screening for your children?

  1. Get your child to stand with both feet together and both hands placed together
  2.  Get him/her to bend forward until shoulder and hip levelled.
  3. Then, observe from behind at hip level to look for any hump.

If there is any visible hump found on Adam’s test, bring your children to consult a physiotherapist who specialize in scoliosis management


5. Take home message

“Paying attention to their sitting position can assist in improving your child’s posture and, ultimately, decrease backaches,” says Christopher Redman, M.D., a pediatric orthopedic surgeon with Children’s Health℠ Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine.
Prevention is always better than cure. Start treatment earlier to prevent progression.

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Chang Sok Hooi


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