Definition of Mastectomy

A mastectomy is a surgical procedure where a doctor removes the entire breast tissue or a portion of it. It is typically performed as a medical treatment for breast cancer.



Who need to undergo Mastectomy?



Those who choose to undergo a mastectomy might have one of the following signs:

  • Those who are diagnosed with breast cancer where the tuor itself is too large to removed via lumpectomy (Surgery that only remove the tumor)
  • Those who have multiple tumors in different areas of the breast
  • Those who have high risk or strong family history of breast cancer and wants to reduce the risk of getting breast cancer
  • Those who have recurrent breast cancer


The Signs & Symptoms after Mastectomy

Some of the common symptoms after the post-operative procedure includes:

  • Pain and discomfrot over the surgical area
  • Swelling and bruising around the incision sites
  • Limited arm or shoulder mobility due to pain
  • Some numbness and tingling sensation over the area
  • Experience emotional vulnerability such as sadness, anxiety, changes in body imageand etc.




How does physiotherapy play a role in post-operative care?


Physiotherapy plays an important role in the recovery for individuals after mastectomy as to improve overall function and emotional well-being.

Some of the treatment provided include:

  • Pain Management through manual therapy, heat or cold therapy ease the pain and reduce swelling after mastectomy
  • Restoring Range of Motion (ROM) through shoulder mobility and stretching exercises
  • Improving arm strength through targeted exercises involving the chest, back, shoulders, and arm, so you can lift your arm again without pain
  • Scar tissue management through techniques like scar massage and scar care to prevent keloid formation and promote tissue flexibility
  • Functional training to help you get back to daily activities like self-feeding, grooming, and back to work activities
  • Providing emotional support by creating a supportive environment where individuals feel understood and motivated to get better





Prepared by:

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