Slouch is hanging your shoulder forward and head bent slightly over when you are sitting, standing and walking. People tend to slouch during their rest and when tired. Slouch feel comfortable due to relaxing of  fatigued muscles, however prolong be in slouch position bring pressure and stress to our spine structure such as ligamanet, joints, intervertebral disc and other. 

Prolong stress and pressure on these structure can lead to musculoskeletal disorder and neurological problems. Musculoskeletal and neurological problem such as low back pain, facet joint syndrome, prolapse intervertebral disc and others tend to develop with slouch and poor posture. 

The best pratice for you to stop slouching is to correct your posture. A good posture is the posture you maintain your spine normal curvature with minimal muscle support and less energy, straight and symmetrical. 

Exercises to develop good posture
1. Child pose (15s hold with 5 times)

2. Wall corner stretch (15 hold with 5 times)

3. Upper trapezius strech (15s hold with 5 times)

Prepared by Kong Mun Chun

Your Physio Butterworth

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