Tailbone pain  is also known as Cocydania.

Tailbone is a structure at the bottom of the spine known as coccyx.  Tailbone can feel dull and achy and sometimes sharp during certain activities such as sitting, standing up, prolonged sitting or standing, cycling and even menstruation for ladies. 

It is caused by trauma to the coccyx during a fall, prolonged sitting on a hard or narrow surface,degenerative changes, persistent pressure in activity such as cycling and high body mass index.

Symptoms of tailbone pain 

  • Achy or piercing pain in the tailbone 
  • Bruising over the coccyx region 
  • Aggravated pain on changing from sitting to standing up 
  • Aggravated pain on prolonged sitting 
  • Aggravated pain during bowel movement
  • Aggravated pain during intercourse 

Tips to reduce the pain

  • Lean forward during sitting 
  • Sit on doughnut shaped cushion 
  • Thermotherapy includes hot and cold
  • Pain killers such as aspirin 


Physical Therapy plans  for coccydynia 

  1. Thermotherapy such as hot and cold therapy
  2. Electrical modalities such as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) 
  3. Pelvic floor relaxation technique 
  4. Manipulation such as Deep transverse friction technique 
  5. Coccyx mobilization 

Others intervention 

  1. Surgery known as cocygectomy (removal of coccyx)
  2. Medication such as painkillers. 


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