Achilles Tendinitis (AT) is a condition where the strongest tendon in our body – achilles tendon that connecting the calf muscle and heel was inflammed.

The possible causes of AT include

1. Overused through activities such as walking, running, jumping and stair climbing,

2. Sudden increase intensity of exercise,

3. Calf muscles tightness,

4. Haglund’s deformity – enlargement of the bone at the back of heel.


There are two types of AT which are

1. Insertional (lower portion of the tendon) AT and

2. Non-insertional (middle portion of the tendon) AT.

In insertional AT cases, there are chances to developed complication of heel spur due to the the calcification of the tear tendon fibre.

The sign and symptoms include

1. morning stiffness over the tendon area,

2. pain over back of heel that worsen with activities and wearing shoes,

3. thickening of the tendon,

4. swelling over the affected area.

 The physical therapy management for AT consist of
1. Ice pack (10 min~15 min)

 2. Calf Stretches – standing and long-sitting position

(Stretch for 15s for 5 times, and perform for both side)

3. Calf eccentric strengthening – Heel Drop Exercises
(Peform 3 sets of 10 repetition, do for both side)

4. Calf concentric strengthening – Calf raises
(Perform 3 sets of 10 repetition, do for both side)

Beside thermotherapy and exercises, modification of the footwear will help to reduce the pain as well by using a soft sports shoes during activities and the application of heel lift in the shoes to reduce the tension over the Achilles Tendon.

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