Neck pain typically caused by increasing smartphone usage is highly common in this generation.


Text neck is a term used to describe forward head posture for a prolonged period of time for example when using a phone


The picture below shows how much stress is placed on the neck as the head is tilted forward


This has been reported to cause stress injuries which lead to neck and shoulder pain and even numbness down to the fingers or headache.


Tips to avoid text neck:

  1. Hold the phone at eye level
  2. Tuck your chin and pull your shoulders back
  3. Take frequent breaks away from your phone
  4. Get up and take short walks every 30 minutes
  5. Do neck stretching exercises



Below shown are examples of neck and shoulder exercises that you can perform when you are using your phone or computer for a long period:

Prepared by

Jamie Hong

Your Physio Subang

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