Interscapular pain is the pain between shoulder blade.

Interscapular pain is very common and can be due to muscles strained from poor posture or can be a sign from other serious conditions such as cancer or heart disease.

What are the possible causes?

  1. Muscle strain is the most common cause that may developed from poor posture such as prolong sitting or standing in a position
  2. Trauma
  3. Herniated or bulging disc: degenerative disc disease irritate nerves in the spine causes pain between shoulder
  4. Arthritis: in the neck or rib may also lead to interscapular pain
  5. Heart attack
  6. Cancer such as oesophageal cancer, mesothelioma, lymphomas, liver cancer may causes referral pain to the interscapular region
  7. Scoliosis

How to relieve the pain?

  1. Resting
  2. Apply ice/ hot
  3. Massage it out
  4. Visit health care provider

Prepared by Yin Di

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