Golfer’s elbow is a condition caused by the overuse of your inner muscles in your forearm. These muscles help to control the movement of your wrist and hand. When the muscles are overused and overloaded, the tendons that are attached to the inner side of the elbow become inflamed, causing pain and swelling.


Common causes:


2.Racket & Throwing Sports

3.Repetitive occupational movement


Signs & Symptoms:

1.Pain and tenderness over the inner side of elbow

2.Weakness in your forearm and in grip strength

3.Numbness towards the ring or little fingers

4.Stiffness in your elbow


If you have the signs and symptoms above, here are some tips for you to relieve your pain!


  • Over the inner elbow for 5-10mins.


2.Stretching exercise:

  • Palm facing up, pull your hand down towards the floor, you should feel a stretch over your upper forearm, hold for 15sec, repeat 10times.


3.Strengthening exercise:

  • Palm facing up, bend your hand up towards the ceiling with weight, you should feel like you are contracting your upper forearm muscles, hold for 10sec, repeat 10times.


Stop the exercises if you feel pain! Do consult your physiotherapist to get a proper treatment and guidance on exercises.

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