Whether you are warming up before a virtual group class or  as a means to reduce inactivity, dynamic stretching is an excellent way to deliberately stretch your muscles!

Benefits of Dynamic Stretching

1. Better mind-muscle connection
*When it comes to stretching, deliberately thinking about moving your targeted muscle during the act of dynamic stretching can impact the length of our skeletal muscle.
*By improving our neutral communication with the brain and the muscle fibres, this newly developed awareness can help you to relax stressed areas and pain.

2. Increases flexibility
*By moving parts of your body in a controlled manner through the entire range can also improve muscle dynamic flexibility.

*When working your muscle and joints through the entire range of motion, it is recommended to perform each movement about 8 to 12  repetition.

3. Decreases risk of injury
When using as a pre-exercise routine such as warm up, dynamic stretching which moves the muscle from its neutral position to its end range in a smooth controlled manner is a more superior stretching option to reduce risk of injury and also to improve recovery rate.




Article by

Zoe Lim


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