Scoliosis is an abnormal curving of the spine in the shape of a letter S or C. Parents may first notice scoliosis in their child as uneven shoulders or waist, one side upper back is more prominent than the other, or one hip being higher than the other.

Most cases of scoliosis are idiopatic, which means that the cause is not known. Even though it is hard to keep from getting scoliosis, there are steps that can be taken to prevent the curve of the spine from getting worse. This is why early diagnosis of scoliosis is important.


There are few ways to prevent the curvature of spine from getting worse:

(1) Postural Awareness

(a)Avoid cross-legged sitting

Cross legged sitting will cause uneven weight distribution and uneven pelvic level, which may worsening the curvature of spine.

(b)Avoid carry heavy bag on one shoulder

Carry a backpack corretly can distribute weight equally on both shoulders. Prevent using one side shoulder sling bag to carry weight.

(c)Avoid incorrect sitting posture 

Make sure sitting with an upright posture. Do not lean on one side while studying on the table.

2. Wearing brace

Those who are diagnosed with severe scoliosis may need to wear brace for at least 23 hours in a day to prevent the worsening of the curvature. It is advisable to consult a profession for choosing the correct and suitable brace.

3. Consult doctor and physiotherapist

Consult a specialist doctor for a detail assessment and explanation on the condition. It is advisable to start your physiotherapy treatment earlier for better prevention.

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