What is Postpartum Period/ Puerperium ? 

The postpartum period begins immediately after childbirth ( delivery) and it is consider as the first 6 to 8 weeks after delivery. Within this 6-8 weeks the mother’s body will slowly return back to non-pregnant state. This period apply to both mother who undergone normal/ natural birth and caeserean section.

Common Postpartum Physical Changes:

– Swelling of lower limb

– Urinary incontinence

– Discharged from uterus

– Constipation

– Hair loss

– Back and Shoulder fatigue and aching

– Wrist and fingers pain

Here are the exercises that will ease your pain and promotes recovery after childbirth:

( These exercises are safe to start from day 1 itself, but do consult doctor or your therapist if you have other conditions)

1. Breathing Exercises

  • First we start with the most simple yet important exercise. Breathing itself help us to readjust back the alignment of the body.
  • Follow the diagram below and perform it as frequent as possible, you will feel the difference in one week time.

2. Pelvic Tilting Exercise

  • Pelvic tilting helps to realigned the spine and also the pelvic. This exercise helps to prevent back pain which are common after frequent breastfeeding and mothers who need to work in prolonged sitting position.

3. Abdominal Bracing Exercises

  • Abdominal and core strengthening helps to prevent diastasis recti, lower back pain and pubic symphysis dysfunction.

4. Bird Dog Exercises

  • This exercise mainly focus at the spine-hip stability and coordination. Tuck in the core all the time while doing this exercise, you will achieve a better yet significant result.

5. Cat and camel exercises

  • This is a very good exercise to gain back our normal spine mobility. It helps to recreate a correct curve for the spine. Good mobility will helps to prevent stiffness and tightness over the lower back and pelvic.

All of the exercise above can be perform from the first day you discharge from hospital.

Prevention is better than cure! So, mothers please spend some quality time for yourself to relax your body by doing all this exercise.

Article Prepared by Lai Yu Feng, Physiotherapist of Your Physio Ampang

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