Scar from surgery, ports, or drains can heal thick (keloid), and tight if no proper care and management has been done. Thus, there are a few tips that you can do to help improve skin texture, color, and mobility.


Here are the tips to do to help heal the scar.


1. Let your incision heal.

  • Follow the surgeon’s timeline and let your body heal properly
  • Avoid lifting, pushing, or doing movements that could stretch the incision part
  • Avoid friction and irritants on the incision



2. Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!

  • Once healed, keep the scar and skin moisturized
  • well-hydrated skin provides an ideal healing environment, which is a balance of moisture and maximum exposure to oxygen
  • moisturizer, silicone gel or sheets, and Vitamin E can help with long-term healing



3. Scar massage

  • Scar massage and pressure treatment help reduce scar tissue and adhesion
  • Scar massage allows the incision to heal flat with fewer symptoms



4. Sun protection

  • Avoid exposing the scar to direct sunlight, as this will darken the scar
  • Use a good spf 30+, especially if the scar is exposed, and helps the healing closer to the skin tone



Prepared by

Fatima Binti Zahra

Your Physio Alam Damai


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