Everyone one of us will experience headache in our life. There are different classification and causes of headache.

    IF pain killing doesn’t relieve your symptoms…

    IF your MRI and CT scan result showed normal findings…

You might suffer from Cervicogenic Headache!

This type of headache is associated with neck and shoulder dysfunction. Physiotherapy treatment can be a powerful tool to get rid of cervicogenic headache.

Common symptoms of Cervicogenic Headache :

(1) Neck pain or neck stiffness

(2) Shoulder pain or shoulder stiffness

(3) Pain increased with prolonged static posture (computer work)

(4) Unilateral (one side) headache 

Let’s check out this video to Reduce your Headache in 5 Minutes !

IF you haven’t find out the root causes of your headache ..

You might need helps from PHYSIOTHERAPIST !!

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Article by Ng Xin Yi

Physiotherapist from Your Physio Kepong

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