Why prenatal exercises are important?

During pregnancy, we need to have a good back and core muscle to support our baby to reduce the risk of back pain and pelvic pain.

Exercises are also good to improve our mood, by reducing our stress and anxiety.  By doing exercises during pregnancy also can help to improve quality of sleep,  reduce constipation by improving bowel movement which are important for a pregnant woman. Let us move to together laughing

Here are the prenatal exercises safe to do during your pregnancy!

  1. Resisted leg exercise– improve lower limb strength; 10 repetition, 3 set for each leg
  2. Squeeze ball exercise– improve inner thigh strength; 10 repetition, 3 set
  3. Four point kneeling– improve spine stability; 10 repetition, 3 set
  4. Half squat with support– improve lower limb strength; 10 repetition, 3set
  5. Cat and camel– maintain spine mobility and activate core muscle; 10 repetition, 3 set

Click on the video and let’s do the exercises together! 

Article prepared by TEH ZI YING 

Physiotherapist of Your Physio Ampang 


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