As our children continue to grow up, we constantly worry from their physical to mental development, while their bodies start to take on many shapes and functions. It is all parents’ wish for their kids to grow well and healthy. During this period, not only nutrition and genetics contributes to height, daily posture is of importance too. Parents can play a significant role by monitoring their development especially during adolescence as that is when they grow the fastest and thus has a higher chance to develop a bad posture which could last a lifetime. Below are the 3 simple test you could check for your kids.

1) Plumb Line Test

Stand against an empty background in a relaxed position. Take a photo of your child in front, side and back view.

An imaginary line (plumb line) should pass consecutively through their ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankle from each view.

2) Standing Wall Test

Have your child stand with feet 6” from the wall. Head, shoulders, and buttocks should be touching the wall

Ideally, a fist size space should be seen between your child’s lower back and wall as well as between their neck and wall.

3) Forward Bending Test


Have your child bend forward from the waist while keeping the feet together.

Knees should be straight and the arms hanging down. On forward bend, the spine should be parallel to the floor.

Observe for any protruded hump from behind.

When to consult a professional?

A bad posture would not only affect a child’s physical appearance, but also causes problems such as height reduction and affect lung expansion. These could all ultimately contribute to poor self esteem and confidence in a child during their development.

If you suspect your child to have an abnormal posture at any time, do consult a physiotherapist for a thorough examination for rapid correction!

Article by:

Bong Jing Chi

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