After giving birth, new mothers will often develop pain such as diastasis recti abdominis, weak pelvic floor muscle resulting in stress incontinence (involuntary leakage of uterine on any effort, exertion, sneezing, coughing, laughing) or de Quervain’s (wrist pain due to frequent baby lifting). These pains put a toll on them especially since the pains interfere with their process to develop a good mother-baby relationship with their baby.

So, here is where a physiotherapist takes part:

1. Educate an exercise in assisting mothers in physical recovery

2. Restoring mothers’ muscle tone and strength

3. Treating mothers’ musculoskeletal problems

4. Educate correct postural for breast feeding, handling baby and doing household chores

What is more, physiotherapists can further help by ensuring each mother’s exercises are individualized according to the mother’s individual challenges/problems.

Hence, this physiotherapy class for post-natal care is designed to give mothers what they really need; a better mother-baby development through physiotherapy care.




Credits to

Ms Fatima

Physiotherapist from Your Physio

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