What is Lower Cross Syndrome?
Lower Cross Syndrome (LCS) resulting the muscles imbalance in lower segment of body which presented muscle shortened or lengthen relation to each other. It characteristic by specific muscles tightness and weakness in our anterior and posterior chain of the body.

Observation in erect standing position and gait
Position of pelvis usually increase in anterior pelvic tilt associated with lumbar hyper lordosis with hip slight flexion.

How We Fix this??

1) Hip Flexor Stretch
Stretch the specific muscle for a duration of 15 seconds. Perform up to 10 times.

2) Erectors Spinae Stretch

You can hold your knees to your chest with their arms wrapped around the knees. Exhale and stretch. Hold this position for 15 seconds. Perform up to 10 times.

3) Abdominal Strengthening

Balance on your hands and knees with your back flat and your arms/thighs perpendicular to the floor. Raise one leg behind you until it is horizontal. Alternate. Make sure to tuck in your belly button.

If you found yourself with lower cross syndrome, and always feel soreness and pain over lower back after desk work.

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Prepared by Khaw Kel Vin

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