Jumping lunge is a variation to the basic lunge exercise, increasing the intensity of basic lunge exercise by adding a jump to it.


Adding a plyometric jump not only recruits the lower limb muscles such as glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves, it also engages our cardiovascular endurance.  On top of that, power is essential to generate the jump, while one’s dynamic stability and coordination is also challenged during the landing phase of the movement.

How to perform the exercise:

  1. Starting position: one leg forward while the other leg is at the back. Prepare to jump by bending both knees and dropping into a lunge.  Keep your core engaged throughout the exercise. (A)
  2. Quickly sink your weight down, then explosively propel both feet up into the air, fully extending your legs and hips.
  3. In mid-air, quickly bring your feet together and switch their positions. (B)
  4. During landing, attempt to land softly with both knees bend while maintaining a balanced position. Keep your forward knee pointing towards your toes, but not over it. (C)
  5. Sink into a deep lunge as you prepare to start the next jump.

Common mistakes:

  • Insufficient warm up

    • As jumping lunge is a plyometric exercise, sufficient warmup is vital before performing this exercise
  • Knee too far forward

    • Avoid bending your forward knee too far forward as this stresses your knee joint
  • Locked knees

    • Avoid locking your knees during landing as locked knees will reduce the ability of our hips and knees to absorb the force of landing.
  • Staying on toes

    • Attempt to keep your forward heel in contact with the ground during the beginning and ending of each jump lunge.


Safety and precautions:

Avoid this jumping lunge if you have any injuries to your hips, back, knees or ankles as this is a high impact exercise.  Always start with mild jumps first before aiming to jumping higher.
In a nutshell, jumping lunges are a great addition to your normal workout routine.  Up for a challenge? Let’s get jumping!

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