Bell’s palsy is a disorder that affects nerves and muscles in the face causing paralysis or droop one side of face.

It affects patients of any age and gender. The cause is unknown but may be due to a viral infection, circulatory problems or trauma. All of which may create inflammation around the nerve.

How is Bell’s Palsy treated ?

Bell’s Palsy treatment included facial exercise, massage, acupuncture and electrical stimulation. The exercise can restore facial muscle strength and symmetry. Furthermore, its help to stimulate facial nerve and maintain muscle tone. In addition,  ice massage therapy is part of bell’s palsy treatment which patient can do at home independently and safety

How to do ice massage ?

The main purpose of ice massage is to stimulate the muscles around cheek, lips and tongue by using ice cube wrapped in small cloth.

  1. First of all, stroke the ice cube from lips across cheek to ear.
  2. Then, remove the cloth and stroke the inside of cheek, lips and tongue.
  3. Do for 15 to 20 minutes. The ice should help to reduce the inflammation surrounding the facial nerve which may be responsible for the loss of nerve impulse conduction leading to facial weakness.

Prepared by Nur Aisyah binti Ahmad Kamal

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