I believe that some of you may experience this, when you get into an injury unexpectedly with an unbearable pain, this would cross through your mind: Should I use ice or heat to reduce the pain?

The answer is BOTH! Both ice and heat are made to ease our pain in daily lives, however it depends on type of injury, area of pain and duration of pain that we are having.

Below is the brief information that you may refer to when you are really not sure which to use for your condition!




ICE  – induces blood vessels vasoconstriction, to reduce blood flow to the injury area.


🔹  Commonly applied in acute injuries such as sprain and strain
🔹  Helps in reducing inflammation when there is redness, swelling and pain
🔹  Can also be used in chronic injuries


HEAT – induces blood vessels vasodilation, aids in improving joint and muscle flexibility.


🔸  Used for long term chronic conditions such as stiffness of joints and muscles
🔸  Contraindicated for acute injuries especially when there is swelling on
🔸  Can be applied on muscle belly before performing stretching




–  Avoid direct contact of ice pack or heat pack on to the skin, best to put with a layer of cloth
–  Avoid using if you have reduced sensation or numbness for your body or applied body parts
–  For those who have diabetic condition, do seek for professional advice before applying😊

Last but not least, information above acts as a reference material for you in short term relief. Do not hesitate to look for professional medical advices for more effective recovery.

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