High heels are the classic feature of an office lady. But do you know that your body alignment and posture is going to change just by wearing it ? And these changes are going to lead you to multiple problems.

 A women’s body will attempt to compensate for the off-kilter balance heels cause by flexing or forward bending the hips and spine .

In order to maintain balance , the calf ,hip and back muscles become tense . At the end of the day , this makes excess muscle fatigue and strain. Overtime wearing high heels can also cause the calf muscles to cramp and bulde .

Shoes with good support keep the knee in alignment, reducing the potential causes of pain. Proper arch support can keep feet from rotating inward or pronating. Cushioning in the shoes can also reduce shock that can happen with each step.

If you are suffering foot, calf and back pain from wearing high heels. Do seeks for advice and treatment from medical professionals.

If you are looking for advice and treatment for your pain, feel free to make an appointment with our highly experienced Physiotherapist. 

Preapared by Darchaini A/P Sandrasakaran

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