What is an ankle sprain? 

Ankle sprain is one of the most common injuries that happen among people of all ages at different kind of activities level. Ankle sprain happens when the ankle stretches beyond the ligaments, causing them to tear. The severity can be varied according to the intensity of the ligament tears and the number of ligament tears. 

Do you know about the new management of soft tissue management? 

Protection – Avoids activities and movement that increase pain. 

Elevation – Elevate the injured limb higher than the heart level ( especially during night time ). 

Avoid Anti – Inflmmatories – Avoid taking any anti-inflammatory medications.

Compression – Use a bandage or compression on the ankle. 

Education – Avoid unnecessary unsure treatment.

Load – Slowly increase the weigh bearing on the ankle according to your pain. 

Optimism – Condition your brain for optimal recovery by being confident and positive. 

Vascularisation – Increases blood flow to fasten the recovering state. 

Exercise- Restore mobility, strength, and balance of the ankle. 

How to prevent future ankle sprain? 

A. Ankle mobility and flexibility exercises

1. Calf stretching – 20s hold ; 5x ; each leg

2. Peroneus muscle stretch – 20s hold ; 5x ; each leg

B. Strengthening exercises

1. Single leg calf raises – 10x ; 3 sets

2. Ankle hops – 10x ; 3 sets

C. Balance exercises

1. Star excursion exercise – 10x ; 3 sets

2. Single leg landing – 10x ; 3 sets


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