How to reduce the risk of falls among the elderly?


Fall risk increases yearly especially for individual who is above 65 years old and increases by 50% when we reach the age of 80.

Risk factors that are commonly seen in individual are as below:


Intrinsic factors

Extrinsic factors

1.       Age-related

2.       Medication

3.       Cognitive deficits

4.       Footwear

5.       Gait, strength, balance deficit

6.       Assistive device & support from the caregiver

7.       Sensory deficit

8.       Surrounding environment

9.       Acute illness

10.   drugs


Otago exercise to regain Strength & retrain Balance


  1. Front knee strengthening

2. Back knee strengthening

3. Side hip strengthening

4. Sit to stand

5. Calf raise

6. Toes raise

7. Backward walking

8. Sideway walking

9. Single leg stance

10. Heel to toe


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