Elderly population is defined as people with aged 65 and above. Muscle mass and bone density will tend to reduce due to aging process. To prevent the loss of elderly muscle mass and bone density, exercise is the best choice.


The following exercises are simple and benefical for elderly.


1) Sit to stand

10 rep, 3 sets, twice daily

2) Knee straight in sitting

10 rep, 3 sets each side, twice daily

3) Leg bend in standing

10 rep, 3 sets each side , twice daily


4) Heel raise

10 rep, 3 sets, twice daily


If you feeling difficult in breathing, dizziness, heart beating too fast or other unfamiliar symptom. STOP immediately and take a rest.

You can check and discuss with your GP or physiotherapist to know whether these exercise is suitable for your condition.

Article by:

Lim Foo Yong


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