As we may know, the “RICE” protocol is the standard procedure and the most effective protocol when it comes to injuries. It has been passed down for centuries, however is it still True?

For Your Infromation, RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

So should we ICE it or not to ICE it? 

Well before we start, we shall talk about how it happens.

So What happen when we injured our self?

To be exact, when we are injured the blood vessels around the area will dilate which causes  swelling. When it dilates, blood flow will increase as a result we loose heat energy. So that is why we feel warmness at the surface.

The increase in blood flow brings a very crucial chemicals as well such as proteins and cells which trigger a cascade of reactions. This is what we call INFLAMMATION and This is how it starts (Healing Process)

These chemicals will send message to other cells to come over, basically inviting a bunch of necessary cells to join the party (injured area). When the “party’ starts, healing process starts as well.

So now we have understand that inflammation is important as it starts the healing process. Inflammation occur when there is an increase in blood flow.  So do you still think ICE is a good idea? A tip for you, ice causes vasoconstriction which leads to a decrease in blood flow.


Not a doubt, ICE does makes you feel better as it does reduce the swelling and it does numb the senses as well. Using ICE immediately following an injury is acceptable but only in short a burst of time. Example, Icing for 5 mins at a time and then leave it for at least 30 mins to allow blood flow again to the area.

However, according to research ICE will loose its property after a few hours. So make up your mind and decide whether to continue or not when you got yourself an injury during your game.

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