This might be symptoms of TRIGGER FINGER!

Trigger finger is a condition in which one of your fingers gets stuck in a bent position. It can affect any finger or more than one finger at a time. You can also have it in both hands. It occurs when inflammation narrows the space within the sheath that surrounds the tendon in the affected finger.

In a patient with trigger finger, the A1 pulley becomes inflamed or thickened, making it harder to glide through it as the finger bends.
Over time, the flexor tendon may also inflame and develop a small nodule on its surface.

When the finger flexes and the nodule pass through the pulley, there is a sensation of catching or popping. This is often PAINFUL.

Do you have locking finger?!

Tenderness or a bump in the palm at the base of the affected finger?!

Who have higher risk?

1. Age 40-60

2. Work or hobbies require repetitive gripping actions 

3. Women > Men

4. Health issues such as diabetes, rheumtoid arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

What is the symptoms of trigger finger ?

1.A painful clicking or snapping when you bend or straighten your finger

2. Stiffness in your finger, especially in the morning

3. Soreness or a bump at the base of the finger ot thumb

4. A popping or clicking when you move your finger

5. A locked finger that you cant straighten 

Exercises for trigger finger

The ball squeeze

The ball squeeze exercise can help alleviate tendonitis of the thumb.

To perform the exercise, hold a small ball in the palm and gently apply pressure to the ball with the fingertips.

A person can strengthen the thumb muscle further by applying extra force.

People should perform the exercise 10 times/set, 3 sets per day.

Resistance Exercise with a Rubber Band

Bring fingertips and thumb together in a pinching motion, making sure that all fingertips are touching.

Place a rubber band around the fingers and thumb. Make sure the rubber band offers a level of resistance that is comfortable.

Open up your hand and push against the rubber band. You can increase the number of rubber bands used for resistance as your hand strengthens.

Do this 10 times for each hand per set, and perform the exercise up to 3 sets per day.

Passive Wrist Stretches

Begin this stretch by holding your palms together and holding your forearms.

The tips of your fingers should be just below your chin and in front of your chest.

Slowly lower your hands down toward your waist while keeping them together.

Hold for 10 to 15 seconds. You should feel stretching in your wrist and fingers.

Do this 10 times for each hand per set, and perform the exercise up to 3 sets per day.

Prepared by Adeline
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