Pain is a localized or generalized unpleasant sensation or complex of sensation that causes physical discomfort or mental distress.

Acute vs Chronic pain

Acute Pain usually come on suddenly and can be caused by something specifically. It will not lasts more than 3 months.

Chronic Pain usually is ongoing pain which will lasts more than 3 months and it will leads to physical decline, limited functional ability and emotional distress.

Let’s see what are the common types pain which will presented in our body.


1.Nociceptive Pain

  • Nociceptive pain can be described as pain associated with tissue injury/damage or further potential damage.
  • Nociceptors is the sensory endings on the nerve that will excited the sensation or signal of potential of tissue injury.
  • Example: Any cut on the fingers, burn lesion when touch hot pot, ankle sprained

2.Neuropathic Pain

  • Neuropathic pain refers to the pain which associated injury or damage or disease on the nerve tissue.
  • It can be described as Tingling, Burning, Stabbing, Prickling, Electric stock like pain.
  • It can be hypersensitivity in touch, movement even in temperature (hot/cold).

3. Referred pain

  • Referred pain is the pain perceived at the location other than the site of pain stimulus.
  • It is result in interconnecting network of the sensory nerve that supplies in many tissues.
  • Example: Pain experienced in cardiac arrest can be referred to neck, left shoulder even radiate down to the left arm.

If you suffer any pain in our body, please do not ignore it 

Please consult the Doctors or Pain specialist or Physiotherapist to assess and treated to prevent any further damage.

Prepared by Khaw Kel Vin

Physiotherapist of Your Physio Ampang

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