What is Body Coordination?

Body coordination is the ability of different part of the bodies including upper limb, lower limb and trunk area collaborate as necessary to produce the physical movement.

Body coordination in fact will need the coordination from musculoskeletal system, nervous system, cognitive and sensitivity towards surrounding to produce an accurate, fast and proper response.

Nervous System

Musculoskeletal System

Cognitive System

What happened if our body coordination not so good?

Most of us knew that training on coordination will be improving our brain cognitive and memory. But do you know that if you have poor body coordination, there might be 2 major issue will be happen.

1. Increase frequency of body aches

  • When Body coordination are poor, it will be indirectly affecting the ability on postural control. This posture instability will required more joint stability and  body muscles to work in extra effort (overuse) which later leads to body aches happen frequently.

2. Increase Risk of falling

  • When we aging, our sensitivity and cognitive towards surrounding is not as good, body’s balance became poorer. If our body couldn’t react or coordinate properly, when come to a challenging surface(e.g: uneven surface) or surrounding that required our response, we will be fall easily.

Let’s do simple training to boost your body Coordination!

Training on Body coordination:

Exercises (refer in video)

  1. Right side arm punch in up, side, down and side 4 steps.
  2. Left side arm doing a “pulling down” movement.
  3. Start with Left arm, then add on with Right arm movement together.
  4. Repeat this by varies the speed.

Article by:

Sia Wie Lin

Physiotherapist of Your Physio

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