Do you have neck, upper back, or lower back pain?🤨😱😩

You might have a bad posture in your daily routine.Posture is not always standing or sitting upright all the time.It’s about how you hold your body in the right way, whether you are moving or staying still in a position, that can prevent pain, body injuries & other health problems.You need to be comfortable yet not lead to any discomfort or pain!It’s very important for your long-term health.


    Defined as the attitude assumed by the body either with support during the course of muscular activity or as a result of the coordinated action performed by a group of muscles working to maintain stability. There are ✌ types of postures (2):

1. Static posture is how you hold yourself when you are not moving, like when you are sitting, standing, or sleeping. Body segments are aligned and maintained in fixed positions. This is usually achieved by co-ordination and interaction of various muscle groups which are working statically to counteract gravity and other forces (3)

2. Dynamic posture is how you hold yourself when you are moving, like when you are walking, running, or bending over to pick up something. It is usually required to form an efficient basis for movement. Muscles and non-contractile structures have to work to adapt to changing circumstances

👉Did you already have a bad posture that become a habit as it felt comfortable although actually, it’s not?

How to correct it? 🤔

Let’s see this short video animation, hope you will get something helpful!



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