Are you having upper cross syndrome?

Upper Cross Syndrome is also known as a proximal crossed syndrome, characterized by having some muscles (lower trapezius, middle trapezius, and deep neck flexors) are lengthened and weakened, whereas other muscles (upper trapezius and pectoralis major) are shortened and tightened. This condition is mostly presented in individual who sits or drives for a prolonged period of time while adapting a forward head and rounded shoulder posture.


Clinical presentations:
1. Neck pain
2. Headache
3. Pain in the upper back and shoulders
4. Fatigue


Physiotherapy treatment approach:

1. Manual therapy
Physiotherapist will perform soft tissue manipulation (STM), joint mobilization, dry needling and etc to reduce the muscle tension on the tightened muscles

2. Exercise therapy
Postural correction exercises will also be given to stretch the tightened muscles and strengthen the weakened muscles


Prepared by 

Yong Hock Nian

Your Physio Subang

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