Have you ever experienced low back pain in your daily life before? Nowadays this condition is so common that it not only affects working adults or housewives but also students who are always spending lots of time at their studying tables doing assignments or revision.


However, having low back pain does not mean that you need to just be inactive or get rest all the time, instead, you ought to stay physically active and maintain your body’s mobility and flexibility to help get rid of your low back pain!


Let’s try out these simple exercises which are beneficial for your lower back that can be done at home with minimal or no equipment at all.


1. Knee rolls

2. Cat and camel

3. Child pose

4. Hip flexor stretch

5. Double knee to chest

6. Hamstring stretch

7. Piriformis stretch




Prepared by

Chin Zing Choan

Your Physio Alam Damai

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