🔴Staying in a bad posture for too long?
🔴Pain over your shoulde blade area?
🔴Always feels stiffness over your upper and mid back?

Work on your thoracic mobility❗

Give these exercises a try ❗

a.Foam roller extension

1. Lying on the floor with both knee bend

2. Put foam roller horizontally under your upper back

3. Bend your upper back downward, bring your shoulder near to the floor as much as possible

4. Curl up after bending downward.

5. Do for 20 repetition

b. Child pose cat and camel

1. Knee sitting on the floor with palm infornt

2. Look fornt and chest up while bending trunk backward

3. Look down and arch back while bending trunk forward

4. Do for 20 repetition

c. Thoracic rotation stretch

1. Side lying with knee bend on the floor

2. Put both the hand infront of you

3. Head and upper body follow your higher arm while rotate to opposite direction

4. Do for 20 repetition both side

d. Thread the needle with thoracic rotation

1. Start with both palm and knee on the floor

2. Turn your upper body to left side together with your right arm point toward left side.

3. Left arm point to the ceiling after you turn your upper body to the left side

4. Do for 10 repetiton and repeat with other side

e. Thoracic walk back

1. Start in standing position while both hand hanging on bar

2. Walk backward while bending your trunk downward

3. Get upright while walking forward toward the bar

4. Do it for 10 repetition

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Prepared by

Toh Poh Lee

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