Total Knee Replacement is procedure involves replacing the worn out or damaged joint surfaces with artificial joints called prosthesis where knee, hip and shoulder joints are commonly replaced joints. These surgeries are beneficial in relieving pain and restoring lost mobility.


In partial knee replacement surgery only the damaged compartment is replaced whereas in total knee replacement surgery, all the three compartments (medial, lateral, patellofemoral) are replaced.


Even though knee replacement surgery has good outcomes, there are some misconceptions regarding it.


  1. Myth: I will not be able to bend my knee or climb the stairs after the surgery.

Fact: Most prosthesis used nowadays (HIGH FLEXION type) allow the same range of movement as normal knee joint. It allows patients to bend knees, stair climbing, and sitting cross-legged as well. It depends mainly on the quality of surgery done and postoperative rehabilitation.


  1. Myth: After surgery, a few weeks of bed rest is needed and it takes months to recover.

Fact: In fact, patients are able to walk on the same day of surgery and most people get back to their routine activities within few weeks of surgery.



  1. Myth: I am too old for surgery

Fact: Age is not a limiting factor for the surgery. As Osteoarthritis is age related wear & tear of cartilage, one can undergo knee replacement successfully even after 65 years of age.



  1. Myth: The success rate of surgery is very low.

Fact:  One of the common risk in the whole surgery is infection. The chances of having an infection are around 2%. Research shows that knee replacement surgery has 95% success rates in most patients. After surgery, most people are able to perform their daily activities comfortably and without pain.


  1. Myth: After surgery lifelong physiotherapy is needed and recovery is very slow.

Fact: Patients are usually discharged after a few days stay in the hospital and receive follow-up physiotherapy, in the outpatient or home care setting, within 1 week of discharge.





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