Step Up Variation

Step-up exercise is very important to improve the correlation between Vastus Medialic Oblique and Vastus Lateralis in terms of maintaining the knee cap in position. These exercises are used to improve Terminal Knee extension with strength and control.


1. Patrick Step up

Stand on a stepper or stair or weight plate with the knee bent as the foot is flat on the surface, the other leg is resting in knee straight position with the heel touching the ground in front of the other leg. Extend the flexed knee to raise the bottom foot off the ground, and slowly go back to the initial starting position by bending the knee slowly.

2. Peterson step up

Starting with putting your foot on the stepper or Stairs or Weight plate. Put your foot into calf raises and then go extend the knee to raise your body up. Once the knee is extended, lowered back the calf to rest, and then the calf raises again when you want to bend the knee. Go slow without using the momentum to get proper results.


3. Poliquin Step up

Starting position is one foot on a stepper with the heel elevated as high as possible by using wedges or putting the heel on the weight plate. Bending the knee (on the stepper) to lower down the other leg to touch the ground, straight back the knee to raise the foot back into the initial starting position. Do with slow and controlled motion.


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