Components of strapping

Rigid Tape, it an unelastic tape that cloth like rubber that are used to wrapped at any joint area with specific technique in order to lock the ankle into excessive movement.

Underwrap Foam

It is a pre-wrap that usually used before putting the rigid tape. It purpose is to reduce the friction between skin (especially hairy skin) and rigid tape. The technique used usually wrapped or cover all the part that may get strapped with rigid tape.

Purpose of Ankle Strapping:

  1. Give stability support to your ankle in any agility movements.
  2. Prevention of further ankle injury
  3. Improve confident of proprioception movement.
  4. Reduce joint laxity.
Common Techniques

1. Figure of eight

  • Start on the outside of leg
  • Cross over the instep on the top of foot
  • Go under the foot
  • Come out from the outside of the leg again
  • Cross the top of the foot and attach to the inside of the leg
  • It looks like an “X” on the top of the ankle
  • Apply 2-3 of this depends on your foot size down the foot
  • Apply cover strips (anchor strips) to the top and bottoms of tapes


2. Heel Lock 

  • Start the heel lock on the instep of the foot
  • Take the tape under the foot to the inner side of the sole
  • Cross the inner side of the heel at a 45 degree angle
  • Go around the Achilles Tendon (behind of the foot), passing through the outside ankle bone
  • Go around the lower leg again
  • Tear off the tape and secure at the outside of the leg

3. Basket Weave 

  • Apply a top (lower part of calf) and down (middle of the foot) anchors; apply a stirrup strip
  • Apply a horseshoes strip
  • Continue to alternate stirrups and horseshoe
  • Apply figure of eight
  • Apply heel locks
  • Close with horizontal anchor strips

Prepared by:

Ahmad Hanbal Bin Raman

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