Regardless of working at office or working from home, a proper desk setup is a must for office workers, especially during this pandemic. Postural issues due to improper desk ergonomics can lead to some of the health problems associated with seated work, such as low back pain, neck and shoulder pain.

So, what should be taken into consideration in proper desk ergonomics?

1. Chair & Desk

A proper office chair should have the curvature at the lower back region to provide sufficient lumbar support, otherwise, a lumbar-support pillow on a basic chair would do the work. Meanwhile, the chair should be high enough to ensure your hip is above your knees and low enough for your feet to be able to rest on floor firmly.

An ideal height for a working desk is where you are able to rest your elbows and wrists in a neutral position which is parallel to the floor.

2. Monitor

The monitor should be same level or slightly lower than your eyes to prevent excessive neck strain. You should keep the monitor about an arm’s length away from your eyes for more comfortable viewing distance.


3. Mouse and keyboard

Ensure your mouse and keyboard are close to the edge of the desk, this little adjustment will prevent you from rounding your shoulders to reach for them. For laptop users, it is advisable for them to get either an extra monitor; or laptop riser together with external keyboard to provide a comfortable user experience.

Prepared by 

Yong Hok Nian 

Your Physio Subang Jaya 

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